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Update again.

Hey guys!
I updated with 3 new versions of "You raise me up" :3
And I also uploaded some various english songs and some japanese Disney songs!
(Btw, comments would be niiice~ <3)
Have fun!
10.6.07 19:11

Update :D

I updated with 6 versions of "You raise me up" !

Feel free to have a look at Music uploads!!

9.6.07 22:16

Heyho! ;D

I added a lot of stuff at "Music uploads!!"
(You can also click HERE!)

I uploaded so far :

Songs by KANON, YUI, Lena Park and some Disney and Musical songs. ;D

(btw comments are appreciated. ;3)

31.5.07 16:16


Hello minna-san!

Because of having too much time right now, I thought of opening a little music blog. ; D
Anyway ..I just love to share.

I want to make a list of all my mp3 (that will be a pain T_T) so that you can request something. But this could take a while, so I'm going to upload various song. I don't have any webspace so I'll upload the songs on websites like savefile or mediafire. So if you find any expired links in the near future. I'm sorry. XD;

Okay. I think I'll update today with some songs. Just be patient. ;3


31.5.07 11:21

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